Hi friends! I’m Jobie. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. This page is about me and my family. I’m here to teach as well as learn, and who doesn’t want to pick up a few tricks about living a better, happier life?! I am a mom of two wonderful practically grown, or so they think, daughters. As well as a step-mom to two more growing girls….Oh and can’t forget our three amazing little dogs. We have two yorkies and a dachshund. They my make life great and are oh so entertaining!

They know they run this house. About me-family and dogs pic

I am a wife to an amazingly loving, hard-working and wonderful man…my soul mate. I didn’t find love my first time around but I definitely found it this time. It’s not easy finding love. Sometimes you need a couple tries. But I’ve definitely been blessed this time around.About me-our family pic

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My husband was just transferred to Minnesota and since I was born and raised in California, it’s been quite a culture shock. We moved in December of 2016. I have never lived near snow, so it’s been an adjustment for sure. But so far, so good.

I’m just like you. I love browsing the Internet to find new recipes, beauty tips, blogging info, decorating tips or just DIY stuff. My goal is to earn a full-time living while working/blogging from home so that I’m able to spend quality time with family.

I wanAbout me-Alyssa an Alext to be the best wife, mother and role model I can possibly be.

Every day I learn more and more about blogging and want to teach you everything I learn because it isn’t an easy task to take on. Thank you for following me on my journey. Please find me on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to email me, ask questions, give suggestions or just become friends. 🙂