Amazingly easy sugar or salt scrub to give you incredibly soft skin

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Hey friends! Do you love natural homemade products? How about natural homemade sugar/salt scrub? Well I do. You’re in for a treat. I love, love, love this recipe! If you’ve never made your own beauty products, there’s nothing better. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to care for your skin. Another great part of this is you know exactly what you’re putting on your body. This amazingly easy sugar or salt scrub will give you incredibly soft skin. Amazingly easy sugar or salt scrub to give you incredibly soft skin  After all, it only takes 26 seconds for your body to absorb chemicals. The wonderfully aromatic smell of the essential oils fills your house and smells good enough to eat. They give your skin an amazingly soft and luxurious feel.  Feel free to keep for yourself, make as a gift or both. Christmas is around the corner.

The coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin while the sugar or salt exfoliates the dead skin cells. If you choose to use Epsom salt, it doesn’t dissolve like sugar, so be aware it is for rougher areas of skin like your feet, knees or elbows.

Or if your husband’s feet are as bad as mine, you may want to make him his own personal salt scrub. But you will have to scrub his feet because we all know he won’t do it himself. If you’re lucky, he’ll return the favor. And you’ll get a two-fer, husband with soft feet and a foot rub yourself.

And depending on the benefits you want achieve will determine which essential oils you choose to use. For example, coffee helps with the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks (I use used coffee grounds after a pot of coffee in the morning), lavender helps give relief to redness and soothe skin, grapefruit helps energize me in the morning and improves circulation, and peppermint helps open the sinuses. There are so many essential oils to choose from with endless benefits. Feel free to experiment to find your favorites.

My favorite recipe is:

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3/4 C of sugar or Epsom salt

1/8 C of organic coconut oil

5-7 drops of therapeutic grade essential oil

Coloring, I use mica powder or a liquid color


Mix the sugar/salt and coconut oil until fully incorporated, then add essential oil and color to desired coloring and scent. You can even separate it into two bowls and make two different colors. Whatever makes it pretty so you’ll be inclined to use it more. I like to scoop mine into an air tight 8 Oz glass jar, but any airtight waterproof container will work. Amazingly easy sugar or salt scrub to give you incredibly soft skin thewifeslife.comThe essential oils as well as coconut oil help preserve the scrub but remember, there aren’t man-made preservatives in this natural scrub. So use your scrub within 4 weeks.

I love using this sugar scrub on my body in the shower and occasionally use on my face as well. When using on my face I get a more water on my fingers so the sugar will begin to melt a little so it’s not too harsh. When getting out of the shower, just pat dry. This amazingly easy sugar or salt scrub to give you incredibly soft skin for any weather. Warm weather means shorts, tank tops, sandals and swim suits. But cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry and in desperate need of comfort. So this is a year around must have! Don’t forget to moisturize. Here’s my recipe for a natural homemade body butter.


  1. I loveeee sugar scrubs!! If you have any left over Epsom salts, I did a post about Green Tea Citrus bath salts that would go perfectly with this!! I can’t wait to make yours!! Sounds like I’ll have a pretty relaxing evening! 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

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