5 charcoal beauty hacks

Do you know many people use charcoal in their beauty products? Well activated charcoal to be exact, not the kind from your BBQ. You too can add this inexpensive product to your beauty regime to make yourself more healthy and beautiful. There are many uses for this product that has become quite popular over the years. Add these five … [Read more…]

Super easy DIY bath bombs to give you the spa day you deserve

I just don’t have enough time to be a bath person but my daughter loves baths and especially bath bombs. These natural DIY bath bombs will give you the spa day you deserve and smell amazing! At first learning to make them can seem difficult but with practice, I promise they will get easier. Her face just lit up when I gave … [Read more…]

Decorating on a budget

As if I haven’t mentioned enough the craziness of moving to a new state full of freezing cold but beautiful snow lately (sorry to rehash, I’m still trying to adjust). Since we also moved to a bigger home from a small apartment not to mention across the country, we didn’t bring everything we owned. Oh, … [Read more…]