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As if I haven’t mentioned enough the craziness of moving to a new state full of freezing cold but beautiful snow lately (sorry to rehash, I’m still trying to adjust). Since we also moved to a bigger home from a small apartment not to mention across the country, we didn’t bring everything we owned. Oh, have I mentioned how the moving companies are a rip off. I literally felt it was too expensive to bring all our belongings. Ugh…I’ll stop!  So, anyway…

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I have lots of decorating our home on a budget to do. I’ve been coming up with tons of ideas to decorate all these new walls. Big décor to really make a statement is what really catches my eye these days.  I love this huge clock on a wall look. I plan to make something similar to this and will post pics as soon as I finish the project. UPDATE** Check out my beautiful clock


Decorating on a budget -

The next idea I found on Amazon. It looks like a beautiful piece of art. Almost as beautiful as the clock idea. It’s our family name on multiple stickers that you apply to your wall to make art. I think it’s an inexpensive way to make a large statement! Here’s how I put this up. 

Decorating your home on a budget -

Sometimes you can do something as simple as change a picture frame or repaint the old one to revamp a piece of art to give it a whole new look.

I used most of my décor from my apartment but it didn’t go far. I love what I like to call rustic French country style. Not sure what else to call it. Only because I don’t want to call it mish mosh, just something I threw together.  So to go with the French theme, I love the Eiffel tower. Not sure if I have too much but I even have a 4’ tall version of it in my living room. I have a handful of paintings and pictures of it in my home and plenty of French style to go along with them. My husband did mention he thought I might be going overboard. Hmmm…maybe…NAH! If you love something how can you go overboard?

There are wonderful ideas all over the Internet. is an amazing website made for all of us with any type of ideas. You can find anything your little heart desires. From wall décor to furniture placement to paint colors and design, even DIY décor. I love making things. I love to browse pins looking for ideas and then make my variation. They don’t always come out as beautiful as I pictured in my head but if they don’t I just make some adjustments. Occasionally, I have to scrap my idea all together and go with the exact plan I found. The ideas I have to scrap altogether are usually laughable. It’s like, what was I thinking?! You too can be as creative as you dare. Comment below on your thoughts and give your decorating tips. Enjoy decorating your home on a budget.


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