DIY dresser makeover ideas

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DIY dresser makeover ideas -

Have you ever seen something at a garage sale or on Craigslist and thought if you just painted it or made it over in some small way it would be perfect for your home? Then this DIY dresser makeover ideas tutorial is for you.

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Making over furniture gives me great gratification. It’s nice to see the outcome when the before picture is so dreadful. This was one of my quickest projects to date, which was nice because I’ve done so many projects around our home since we bought it 6 months ago. I love the thought of turning a house into our home. My husband and I are newlyweds and this is our first home together. This makes the process of all my DIY adventures all the more sweet.


DIY dresser makeover ideas -


A couple years ago, someone gave me this hideous dresser when I was in desperate need of one. I’ve planned since day one to repaint it because who wants an ugly yellow dresser?! Unfortunately, when I was first given this dresser I didn’t have time to repaint it but my not yet husband needed a dresser. I’ve always thought it had beautiful potential. I love the rope design around each of the drawers. And I like it much better as a black dresser. I chose black to help hide the flaws and give it a sleek look. Now it will be used for our guest room.

Repainting isn’t a difficult task. You just have to set aside a pretty good chunk of time. First, I set up an area to keep the spray paint from getting on everything, as it tends to do. I keep a pile of cardboard in my garage for all my painting adventures. I am fortunate enough to have a little workshop garage in my backyard. It’s where I do all my painting, of course, with lots of ventilation. I love paint; it makes such an enormous transformation in your task no matter whether it’s on walls or a dresser or on a bathroom vanity.


DIY dresser makeover ideas -


I removed the drawers from the bureau, then the handles from the drawers. Then I had to remove the disgusting contact paper that lined all the drawers. I couldn’t believe anyone would purposely put this paper in or on anything… ever. Just shocking how ugly it is. Then I sanded everything down. After sanding I went over the dresser correcting any damage. It had a few knicks and scratches, so I smoothed them with putty, let it dry and then sanded it again. The biggest pain was trying to sand around the designs on each drawer. Then wipe it down with a rag to get all the dust off. I decided not to paint the handles because I love the rustic look of the dark metal.


DIY dresser makeover ideas -


Now we’re ready to paint. I had to choose spray paint because oddly enough this dresser isn’t all wood. So it won’t have that tremendous wood grain look to the paint but since it was free I can’t complain. It took 3 cans of spray paint ($12). I sprayed a few light coats to ensure the paint didn’t run. A great thing about spray paint is how quickly it dries. You only have to wait a few minutes in between coats. That definitely helps with the easiness of the job.


DIY dresser makeover ideas -


Then, because it is going in our guest room and I wanted it to have similarities to our guest bathroom I used the same contact paper I used in the bathroom ($5). Check out this post on my DIY bathroom remodel on a small budget. These DIY dresser makeover ideas are easy and simple.  And this is quite a change…for the better. It turned out so great. As a matter of fact, my husband told me not to bother because it was so ugly. But I new it would be beautiful. I’m so glad I took the time to reuse this chest of drawers. The difference is night and day. I hope you try your own similar venture.

The total cost for this dresser was $17. You can’t beat that!!! What type of DIY projects do you like to do or have you done around your home?

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