Extraordinary large painted wall clock

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Have you ever just saw something and been like, I HAVE to have that?! Well, this extraordinary large painted wall clock is my must have. From the moment I saw one, I told my husband I was going to make one. I love, love, love DIY projects! I have mentioned in previous posts how much I love the look of large wall clocks. We recently bought a new home and I knew immediately which wall I was painting a wall clock on. I decided to paint it directly on the wall instead of getting the huge electrical wheel , cutting it up and messing with that whole thing. This was time-consuming but really easy…well it wasn’t too bad. I actually found someone else with similar ideas. Here’s what her wall clock looks like.


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Extraordinary large painted wall clock - thewifeslife.com


The process was simple, but the execution not so much. It took longer than I had anticipated but each day I was excited to wake up and continue put a couple more hours into it. First, I collected everything I would need. I actually had the cream-colored wall paint and a black permanent marker. I bought black crafter’s paint for $0.97 (I only used half), the labels I used for stencils were $5.97 and the large high torque clock hands (I bought for $18.99). Then I also used an old rag for the wear marks on the numbers. Sandpaper or rag for the wear marks on the clock.

Decide the size clock you want

I decided I wanted it to be 4 feet in diameter. The hands I purchased were large enough. So make sure to choose the right size when purchasing. I actually bought an acrylic set a set of roman numerals before starting this project but when they came they were not what I expected so that’s when I decided to paint the numbers on. That set came with the clock parts and hands but knowing they wouldn’t be as large as I wanted I purchased a larger size at the same time.  They were perfect. They’re exactly what I wanted.

Extraordinary large painted wall clock - thewifeslife.com

Now for the actual work

Even my husband was getting excited for me to paint this clock. I love that it’s large enough to cover a wall. I painted it high in case in the future we want to put a piece of furniture by it, I didn’t want it covered. In my opinion, it turned out better than I imagined.  It’s hard not to be a perfectionist on projects. But I’m just not perfect at them so I can’t expect perfection, I know it’s not perfect, but I love it. It’s a great addition to our home. My husband can’t believe what a great job I did. It’s so nice to be appreciated.

Extraordinary large painted wall clock - thewifeslife.com


So first I drew a 4 foot circle. To do this I put a nail with a 2 foot string attached in the middle of where I wanted the clock, then I drew the circle. Then I began painting with the white paint. I painted as much as I could in about a 5 minute period, then I went back over some parts with my old rag. You can rub off as much or as little as you prefer. I really like the brown contrast on the wall so I rubbed a medium amount off. I kind of wonder if I should’ve taken off more white paint though. Next because I’m not steady enough to paint a thin black line to give it a little depth, I actually just used a black marker to draw the circle around the clock.


Then while it dried completely I printed the stencils on my printer. I thought the Niagara font size 600 was perfect for my clock. It looks vintagey (is that a word? Yea…I like it) Then I measured on the wall where I wanted the stencils to go. After hours of cutting them out, I stuck them on the wall and pushed hard around the edges the keep the paint from leaking into the grooves of my wall. I don’t think they show up well in the above pic.


Next I painted over the stencils. I painted 3-4 roman numerals at a time then went back with my old rag and dabbed them until I felt they looked vintagey enough. When they were all dry, I peeled off the stencils. If any black paint smeared I was able to wet and wipe it away with my old rag. After all it’s only craft paint. Some of the stencils stuck a little to the wall but I just rubbed a little and it all came off.


Extraordinary large painted wall clock - thewifeslife.com


Check out this other creative wall decor for you home. http://thewifeslife.com/unique-customized-decorating-ideas/  Let me know what kind of DIY projects you love.  Would you paint this extraordinary large painted wall clock in your home? What projects have you done?

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    1. Thank you Shannon. I just hung the metal circle with a nail. The hands came with all clock parts including the metal circle to hide the clock parts. I got it from Amazon. There’s a link to the exact one I purchased in the post. Be sure the hands are size you want.

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