Finding love after all

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Finally finding love

There’s nothing that compares to that first love as a teenager. Or so you thought as a teen. I’ve been in love as a teen, then I was married for 13 years, and then I was in a relationship for 6 years. After all those failed I decided maybe I wasn’t meant for a loving, meaningful or happy relationship. I kind of online dated for a bit just for the fun of it, not to look for love, just to meet people. 

I didn’t have any bad experiences but no one really peaked my interest either. So I decided to try a different dating site. A site guided towards parents. That way I hopefully wouldn’t come across someone who didn’t dislike kids or that would expect me to spend time with him above my kids. I needed someone who would understand the importance of my kids to me because he would feel the same about his children. And there is no better feeling than finally finding love.

I received the email that would forever change my life within only a few short weeks of being on this site. We exchanged emails for a while, then phone numbers to be able to text. For anyone who has online dated you know waiting for that email can take forever and texting is just so much easier, plus it doesn’t use your data.

We exchanged many pictures over a couple of weeks. I had to make sure he was really who I saw in the pictures, (he probably wondered why I asked for a lot of pics when he said he was out and about). We finally decided to meet. Like I said earlier, I had been on these internet dates before without really getting nervous but for some reason, I was a little nervous and even went to the restaurant a little early so I could sit first and try to calm my nerves.

When he arrived my first thought was, he’s even cuter than his pictures. YAY and thank goodness! Then as the conversation went on through the night, I noticed just how funny he was. A handsome and funny guy is every girls dream right?! We talked for about 3 or 4 hours that night. Then he asked if he could see me the next night. It was extremely exciting. The next night was even better than the night before. We just talked for hours. To this day we still have that connection!

Finally finding loveSometimes you don’t find love your first time around. In fact, it’s so rare to find love as a teen and manage to hold onto it. Our generation doesn’t seem to appreciate love and relationships like the generations before us. Older people were taught by their parents that you have to work for your marriage. From my point of view it seems like people nowadays think it’s easier to start over than to put in effort to fix whatever is wrong.

All relationships take some type of effort. It is up to us to make it work, to communicate and to create trust and honesty. Don’t get me wrong, it takes two to tango. One-sided relationships never work. Both of you have to be in it to win it! You can’t pull the weight for the both of you. It just won’t work and if you think it is working for you now. It is only temporary.

I’ve been there. I thought I could change him or make him love me enough to want to change. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Finding the love of my life came from learning patience (not my strong suit). Most importantly true and genuine love from my man helped me get over my fears that past relationships had given me. It can take a lot of work to get past the pain that others have caused you. It is necessary to heal from the past pain in order to have a healthy and happy relationship in your future. You don’t have to bring the so-called baggage with you to your next relationship. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying.

Being grateful and positive goes a long way in your daily life. Appreciate everything you have in your life and work hard for anything you want to add to that life. Both will take you far in having a happy life. So enjoy the ride, whether you are still searching for your soul mate or you already found them.

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