Super easy DIY bath bombs to give you the spa day you deserve

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I just don’t have enough time to be a bath person but my daughter loves baths and especially bath bombs. These natural DIY bath bombs will give you the spa day you deserve and smell amazing! At first learning to make them can seem difficult but with practice, I promise they will get easier. Her face just lit up when I gave them to her. She said they made her skin so soft and smell great. Not to mention she liked the show when she dropped it in the tub, the way they bubble and fizz with color and a wonderful scent filling the tub. She’s easily entertained. Super easy DIY bath bombs to give you the spa day you

You can make a spa in your very own bathroom with ingredients from your own kitchen. Sound easy enough?! And who doesn’t like knowing exactly what’s in what you’re putting on your skin? Did you know it only takes your skin 26 seconds to absorb whatever you put on it? I like to choose natural, organic products.

These oils not only moisturize but they smell amazing. Depending on the essential oil you use, they can help with many things for example: Eucalyptus oil helps the sinuses, grapefruit oil helps energize you and lavender helps you relax and so on. Essential oils have wonderful abilities and there are so many choices out there for so many different uses. I prefer to use therapeutic grade oils and if you are anything like me, you’ll buy a few and get addicted. I love lavender, citrus, grapefruit, coffee, coconut lime and the list goes on and on and occasionally I mix oils together to create a unique smell.

Easy DIY bath

Wet ingredients-2 tsp. water, ½ tsp. essential oil, 2 tsp. olive/almond oil, soap coloring; I like to mix in a spray bottle; Dry ingredients-8 Tbsp. Baking soda, 4 Tbsp. Citric acid, 4 Tbsp. Corn starch, 4 Tbsp. Epsom salt-mix dry ingredients in bowl with a whisk, drop 1 drop at a time or spritz while mixing with whisk. But be careful not to get it to moist or it will fizz and you want to save that for the tub. When moist enough to mold in your hand, put In mold and push hard, then remove and allow to fully dry, I leave overnight. Store in air tight container.

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