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I love doing small things to take care of me; it makes me feel good, important. You know what I mean. Sometimes I forget or get too busy because, after all, I have a family and a life. But when I remember a couple of my favorites are giving myself a facial, pedicure and manicure. In this tutorial for the best pedicure ever you’ll learning a little about reflexology as well. That can make all the difference in your pedicure. So moms make time for you with these suggestions.


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Giving yourself the best pedicure ever

Whether you are a working mother, stay at home mom, or a wonderful wife; you need attention too. We need time to ourselves and to remember we’re just as important as the rest of the family. If we don’t take of ourselves it’s easy to get depressed, feel taken advantage of or worse. Take a day and pamper yourself. After you decide to have the relaxing day you deserve, you can choose to go to a spa but I prefer to do it at home. It’s more cost efficient. Just make sure to choose a time when your honey can watch over things so you can actually relax.

A very relaxing way to unwind is a foot massage. Here is a great way to do it yourself or if you get lucky maybe your honey will do it. Rubbing your feet improves circulation by stimulating blood flow and reduces swelling in the legs and feet, which can even help low back pain. It also breaks up accumulated waste such as Lactic and Uric acid. It also stimulates nerve endings which is beneficial to the whole body. Here’s a chart to help guide you.


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Learning reflexology

Pressing firmly yet in a gentle manner is the key to good foot massage technique. For proper reflexology moves slowly but firmly loosen all of the ligaments and nerves that run through the ankle, you are preparing the rest of the foot for the direct pressure that is part of any good Shiatsu or Reflexology foot massage.

Starting with the right foot, look at the photo of the foot, first start thumb walking from bottom to top and then back down, then right to left, back and forth across the whole foot, begin with big toe and work down to the little toe hold each toe firmly at the base, gently move in circular motions so that you are rotating and stretching the base joint that attaches the toe to the foot.

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When learning how to do reflexology, remember the amount of pressure you use with any technique is relative to how much pressure the person is comfortable with, it needs to be relaxing. Water is extremely important is receiving reflexology because it allows the blood to get rid of waste from the body. Drink lots of water!

There’s nothing like a marvelous pedicure

To finish your amazing pedi, remove nail polish, trim and file nails, soak your feet in lukewarm water with your favorite essential oil, wipe off feet and rub cuticle oil in, use foot grater to scrub feet with multiple tools focusing on heels, big and little toe to remove dead skin. I like to soak and scrub twice to make sure I do a great job. Then push cuticles back and trim if needed, massage feet with oils (a mixture of almond oil and essential oils), use a pedicure brush to deep clean your nails, then buff the nails to smooth the nails, then polish nails with your favorite color (make sure to use a base coat first). Then when dry I lotion my feet really well and put on socks to keep the moisture in.


Moms make time for you -



I try to do something relaxing for myself weekly. It might not be this luxurious but I do something. Moms make time for you. You are very important to your family and deserve a relaxing day.

What do you like to do to relax? How often do you take care of yourself?

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