Surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life

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Surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life

Spring is officially here! Tis the season of spring cleaning and organization! The easiest way to declutter, of course, is to not let it get cluttered. Who wouldn’t want a perfectly organized home and life? But life gets in the way. We are very busy…from work to kids to cooking to errands and then trying to clean and my to-do around the house. Wheww…my head is spinning. There’s just so much to keep up with. There aren’t enough hours in a day. I bet you feel this way too. Well aren’t you lucky…I have some surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life.

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Keeping everything in its place and making sure everything has a place is a task in itself. It doesn’t all need to be done in one weekend. Give yourself time. Make a plan; for instance, give yourself a week per room in your home. It’s enough time to work on it in your spare time without going crazy but it puts a time limit on you. Hold yourself accountable. If your home needs help, here are some of my ways of dealing with the mess.

When decluttering my favorite question to ask myself is, when is the last time I used this? If it’s more than 6 months and it’s not a seasonal item (such as sweaters, boots, Christmas items, etc.) out it goes. You have to be prepared for throwing things out. I’ve held on to clothes for 10 years because I always say, but I’ll wear it again when I lose weight. If it’s been years, never gonna happen, just throw it out!


One in…One out

I’ve also always loved the “one in, one out” rule. This really helps keep clutter down. You can’t buy another one if you’re not willing to get rid of one. This helps, believe me. Another thing I’ve always said to my kids is, “Do you love it?” If not, they don’t buy it because they aren’t willing to part with one of whatever they already have at home.

If you don’t have a coat closet near the entry of your home. It’s easy to create a sort of mud room. I have coat, hat and purse rack with 5 sets of hooks right by my front door with a bench to sit on to take shoes on and off. Easy to create and you can put together with little effort. It took me 5 minutes to hang the coat rack.

Surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life thewifeslife.comEverything in its place

Cute medium-sized baskets with the small chalkboard to label them, perfect for closets or under cabinets will help organize more areas. For cleaning supplies that go under sinks I like to use plastic bins (like from the $ store, nothing expensive). I also love using baskets for kid’s stuff that needs to go upstairs. They’re perfect! Write a child’s name on each basket or just buy each child’s favorite color, and then when straightening up put their things in the baskets and when they go upstairs they take their basket. Fast and easy! For a little one’s playtime, lay down a blanket or sheet, it makes for easy clean up. When they’re finished just scoop up the blanket and pour it into the basket for easy clean up.


For my laundry room, I keep a small jar on the counter. I put the dryer lint in it. It reminds me to clean the trap as well as I have somewhere to put it. I also keep a plastic bag under the cabinet for when the small jar gets full. Otherwise, I’d have to take it upstairs practically every week after doing laundry. I also hang the bag on the drawer knob, and then flip it over the top of the cabinet door to put it inside the cabinet and out of sight. This is what I empty the small jar into and for any garbage I clean out of pockets.

Surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life

How about Tupperware without a lid? If you are determined to keep it, contact a representative and see if you can get a lid. They have items for tons of years; it just might not be the right color. If not, are you willing to use foil or plastic wrap instead of a lid? No? Then throw it out. To keep your lids organized from now on try a metal rack, like for cds or you could even store the lids inside the big Tupperware. You can use a similar metal rack for storing baking sheets.  In the pantry metal baskets hold cans lying on their side perfect. Saves space by making them stackable and keeps them from rolling off the shelf.

Surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life

We all have junk drawers somewhere in our home. Mine is in my kitchen. I get small plastic containers that fit in my kitchen junk drawer, short and wide.  Then I can at least try to organize the batteries, paperclips, staples, pens, post its, etc.

Save space and organize under your bed with storage. Use under the bed storage containers to store things not often used so you don’t use up all your closet space. I store family albums under here because we only seem to pull them out if the kids are feeling reminiscent and want to look through them, which is usually a few times per year. I’d rather save that closet space for something we use more often. But you could get a storage unit with wheels and store your shoes, sweaters, kid’s toys, oh so many options of things to store.

I have a bad habit of going through the mail daily when it comes but then leaving it on the counter if it doesn’t interest me, for my husband to look through. But he never does. And why would he? He doesn’t want to look at the bills. At the end of the week, I force myself to go through the pile. It only takes 2 minutes. It would only take 10 seconds during the week. But I procrastinate. The next idea will definitely help with this though.

A family command center just makes life easier

Make a command center for your family to help with organization. I like the idea of a chalkboard or white board to write messages to each other and making lists, like grocery or to-do lists. A cork board or hanging metal to be able to use magnets for certain notes like post its, is wonderful. Just not too many, the ideas is to cut clutter and get organized.  A large calendar to keep track of kid’s activities and appointments will help a ton. A box to keep chalk, markers, pens, pencils and everything you need for writing to keep up the communication and keeping track.

Surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life thewifeslife.comThis pic came from One Creative Housewife. It’s a perfect example!

Also use wire baskets to keep clutter at a minimum. Use each one for a specific task, like bills to pay, mail, keeping track of important papers. A few hooks for keys is incredibly helpful. This will be the center of your home so why not keep keys here too. Hang desktop organizers to make your wall more efficient. The best part about a command center is you can fit it anywhere in your home. In a corner, on a skinny wall, on a middle wall, by the front or back door, you are creating it so you can make it however it fits in your home. The center can be as many or a few pieces that you place in whatever shape fits on your wall. Perfect! This will get you organized in no time!

I also love meal planning. It helps you to get organized by knowing what’s for dinner each night. It helps you save time and money also. Read more about it here.

Try these surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life. Comment below to let us know how you stay organized or if you have your own life hacks. Happy organizing!



14 thoughts on “Surprisingly easy ways to organize your home and life

  1. Love this! The plastic container lid struggle gets SO real. Why do I have some lids with no containers? I have no idea. I usually get rid of things that aren’t paired, but thanks for the tips on the lid storage!

  2. These are great tips! My husband teases me for my basket obsession, but I just like having specific things in specific places. Also, I love the idea of a family command center. That will be so useful as my little ones grow older.

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