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I love decorating my home with large, unique, customized decorating ideas that really make a statement. If you’re like me then you want to live in a beautiful home and not just a house. Who wouldn’t, right?! Recently my husband was transferred to Minnesota where we bought a home. We came from a small rented apartment in California, so needless to say, I have much more wall space now and I’m happy to get to fill it up.

I was online looking for ideas then bam…I came across these stickers that are customized wall art.

Can I just say…BEAUTIFUL?! This is actually my favorite wall in my home. I love that it’s unique with our last name. It also has an established date, which I think is cute because we’re newlyweds (2 months). 🙂 Thank you. These appliques are the perfect size and they measure exactly the size they say they are and are a nice thick material. They’re easy to put on the wall but I really appreciate how they come in multiple stickers to make them easier to apply. Just make sure you follow instructions and have a level close by but I was able to put this up in a little over an hour. Not too shabby.Unique customized decorating ideas thewifeslife.com


The company lets you choose the colors for each separate piece and there are many colors to choose from.  I chose silver for the big “M” and a charcoal gray for the family name and est date. I couldn’t be happier with the look of this wall. It’s a perfect match and was exactly what I ordered. And it only took a total of 3 days to receive it.  I was beyond thrilled, so it was totally worth it!

This is the family decal I purchased.

I’ve love coming up with ideas to decorate all these new walls so I hope this post gives you ideas your own unique, customized decorating ideas for your home. You too can be as creative as you dare. Please comment below on your thoughts and decorating ideas.Unique customized decorating ideas thewifeslife.com

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