How working moms clean house in 15 minutes a day

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How working moms clean house in 15 minutes a day -

This is a lesson in how working moms clean house in 15 minutes a day. The easiest way to make and keep your house looking clean quickly is to keep it picked up, do dishes and wipe down the counters every day. This should only take a few minutes.

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If you have small children, a great way to get them to help is to make a game out of it. My kids loved putting away toys to their favorite music or turning it into a race between kids (who can clean their room the fastest). This is so great for you because they learn to clean up and you get a few minutes of help. My kids loved Barney, (tells you how old they are haha). He has a great little clean up song. We sang it so many times I still remember 18 years later. “Clean up; clean up, everybody everywhere. Clean up; clean up everybody do your share.” Anything that teaches kids to clean up and help out, I’m all for. It’s a great lifelong lesson.

Here’s idea of how I am able to keep my home clean in only 15 minutes per day. This is my ideal plan to take the guess work out and help you with your week. You can use this list or change it up however it works best for you; it’s not set in stone. Nothing feels better than coming home to a clean home after a long day of working hard. It makes it difficult to appreciate being home in an unkempt home.

How working moms clean house in 15 minutes a day -

If I ever come home to a frazzled looking home, it sure doesn’t make me want to be there. I like find time to get it cleaned up during the week so it’s easier for weekends that way I can enjoy them more. No one wants to clean while the other people in your family are out doing something fun. Or worse yet, I know my family really dislikes when I make it a family cleaning Saturday. But sometimes you just have to. There is nothing wrong with that.

Remember first quickly get it picked up, do dishes and wipe down the counters every day, then add one of these things from the list below each day.

  1. Wipe down bathroom except shower
  2. Clean both showers
  3. Wipe down second bathroom
  4. Dust and vacuum your home; unfortunately if you have pets you may need to vacuum twice a week. I do, we have a dachshund and she sheds a lot. Here’s the great little Bissell stick vacuum I use.
  5. Mop kitchen, entry way, bathrooms and any uncarpeted surface. This is the amazing Bissell steam mop I use. I love it so much.

Then on Sundays I straighten up, do any extras that might have come up or didn’t get done during the week and try to plan meals for the next week if I have time. Here’s a post to help you get your home more organized.

How working moms clean house in 15 minutes a day -


Meal planning helps make my life less chaotic during the week. It helps us eat healthier too. I used to have the bad habit of grabbing food on the way home from work if I didn’t plan out a meal. No one wants to run to the grocery store, cook a big meal or eat out on a Monday after work because we’re tired. So this is why meal planning works so well. Take a few minutes to plan what we want to eat Monday through Friday and then run to the store for whatever you need. Here’s a meal planning post you can read for more detail. I also have many easy and quick, not to mention good for you recipes on this blog. Now you know how to make life a little simpler and how working moms clean house in 15 minutes a day.

I hope this helps you. Do you already schedule your housework or would you use the one? Do you meal plan regularly?


18 thoughts on “How working moms clean house in 15 minutes a day

  1. Great advice! I find as a SAHM with a little one that one 15-minute clean up session a day is not adequate though. What works for our family is that I pick up toys and the kid books once while my husband is at work. Then, while I cook supper, my husband does another pickup. And I alternate the rest of the housework, too. We also don’t have a dishwasher so dishes always takes some time on my part. But other than those minor differences, your advice is spot on!

  2. this is what i always tell my husband, its consistency and maintenance. I will leave a few hours earlier then him and I will come back to nothing done since “there was no time” to clean. Definitely need to show him this.

    1. Lol Kristina. That can be frustrating. Hopefully this will help him and he’s willing to try it. You’re right if you keep it maintained it’s so much easier. It even seems like there’s less to do this way. 🙂

  3. The only way I can clean in 15 minutes is if my kids leave me alone for 15 minutes. Otherwise it will take me hours to do a 15 minute job. They sure are worth it but good gracious!

    1. Oh my goodness Marian…not gonna lie, this made me chuckle. But I totally get it. It can be rough to find the time. I wish you all the luck of it taking only 15 minutes, if not now, then sometime soon. 😉

  4. Love this! I am all about the quick clean up. We have two littles and are currently trying to sell the house, so we have to try to keep it clean…

  5. Whoa, fantastic ideas. I feel like I need three of me to get my work done and two more of me to get the house in order. Even though my husband is a partner in the housework and we divide the chores evenly, it still seems like it’s never ending. Great tips, thank you!

  6. Great advice, I can’t count how many times I say to myself… “How did this get messy again, I cleaned yesterday.” And then I realize, no I didn’t clean up yesterday. I need to do it daily!

  7. Lots of great things to think about! I really need to write down a schedule for myself so I can time manage better! And meal planning is something I have needed to do for a looonnngg time! ?

    1. I can’t tell you Brittany how much a schedule and planning meals helps me out. Time saver plus less hair pulled out and its a feeling of accomplishment when I get them done. If you have any questions about either feel free to email me. 🙂

  8. I’m not a mom, yet, but I am all about cleaning and organization hacks. I’ll try adding one of the things you have listed to my daily routine and see how it helps keep cleaning a little more manageable during the week.
    xx | A

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